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Business planning services

Most small to medium enterprises have a short life span, with only three out of ten reaching their fifth birthday and only one out of ten making it to double digits.

To achieve longevity businesses need to be serious about growing revenue. To do this, you need to develop a strategy and implement it.

Many businesses focus solely on creating a great product. It is equally important to convey how great your product is to the right people so they want to do business with you, and to be able to adapt to an every-changing market.

It is crucial that you have a deliberate strategy. Initially an ad-hoc approach might work, but the odds will be against you for the long term. Xero is one of NZ’s most successful start-ups recognised by international investors. In 2008 they had one customer and grew this to 400,000 by the end of 2014. With a target of 1 million by the end of 2015. Xero set out a clear vision and have worked towards achieving it.

Firestation can help you with your business planning, proposals, pitch decks and more to make sure you have a long-term, sustainable business.

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Business Planning

We will work with you to help you develop an innovative and forward-thinking business plan.

Our plans are not created to be dust collections.  They are a roadmap to help you to achieve your business goals and drive performance. Firestation business planning ensures you take full advantage of your strengths and opportunities (and mitigates your risks and threats).

Pitch deck & Proposals

Key to any growing business is a world-class pitch deck that wows your stakeholders, investors and potential customers.

We work with you from initial pitch strategy, to messaging, design and finally production to develop a winning pitch for you and your business.

Brand Workshop

Your marketing, sales and organisational culture all start with your brand.

Firestation has partnered with Woods Creative Agency to run Brand workshops. The workshops develop a full understanding of the business, brand objectives and how this can be taken forward into the development of a uniquely ownable brand strategy and identity.

We cover questions that help identify
• Your point of difference
• Why you are in business
• Brand Personality and
• Overall objectives for the brand refresh.

We can tailor the workshop to suit your requirements. Workshop needs to be a minimum of two hours with your senior management and staff and includes preparation of workshop questions and a summary document.