What we do

Leadership Coaching

Our leadership coaching helps business owners and/or their management teams recognise their leadership style and improve their leadership skills.

Firestation uses the book Primal Leadership as a reference guide for the sessions to understand and develop the four key areas of emotional leadership:

  1. Self-awareness –gauge your own mood accurately and know how this affects others
  2. Self-management – control your emotions and act with honesty and integrity in reliable ways
  3. Social awareness – understand how your words and actions make others feel and change them when that impact is negative
  4. Relationship management – communicate clearly and convincingly, disarm conflicts, and build strong personal bonds

The sessions also include a facilitated discussion on progress made, the leadership challenges and successes of the journey to become an exceptional leader.

Leadership coaching is charged at an hourly rate.  Firestation offers discounts based on a minimum 20 hour coaching commitment.

To enquire about our leadership coaching click here, email us or call 027 271 1517.