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EQ Leadership Survey

To improve your leadership skills it is crucial to understand what type of leader you are.  This needs to be determined by the people you are leading.

Firestation have developed EQ Leadership Survey.  This explores your leadership capability across the five core elements of Emotional Intelligence; Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Social Awareness, Social Skills, Self-Motivation.

It builds an understanding of your primary leadership styles and your level of mastery. Whether that be those styles that create resonance such as Visionary, Coaching, Affiliative, Democratic – or those that create dissonance – Pacesetting and Authoritative.

The 360 degree surveys enable you to become aware of how you are perceived as a leader by others and compare this to how you perceive yourself.

This provides crucial information and insight that enables you to them strengthen the leadership effectiveness of yourself and your management team.

From the information from the 360 degree feedback we work with you to develop a leadership development plan to improve your leadership skills.

Costs for the survey are determined on the number of respondents and includes a two hour session to debrief the survey results and build a leadership development plan.

To enquire about our leadership survey click here, email us or call 027 271 1517.