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Leadership development

Igniting excellence in leadership

To be a truly great organisation it takes great leaders. Leadership plays an integral part in your organisation’s success and is more than just being the boss. Good leadership is felt throughout the entire organisation.

As a leader you will influence, motivate and energize your staff to bring their best. Successful leaders challenge the status quo and drive improvement through an atmosphere of encouragement and thinking differently.

Effective leadership results in higher productivity, increased emotional intelligence, improved innovation and a more dependable workforce.

The good news is that there are many things you can do to hone your leadership skills and here at the Firestation, we have developed a range of coaching and programmes to help business owners and their management teams become great leaders.

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Leadership Coaching

Our leadership coaching helps business owners and/or their management teams recognise their leadership style and improve their leadership skills.

Firestation uses the book Primal Leadership as a reference guide for the sessions to understand and develop the four key areas of emotional leadership:

1. Self-awareness –gauge your own mood accurately and know how this affects others
2. Self-management – control your emotions and act with honesty and integrity in reliable ways
3. Social awareness – understand how your words and actions make others feel and change them when that impact is negative
4. Relationship management – communicate clearly and convincingly, disarm conflicts, and build strong personal bonds

The sessions also include a facilitated discussion on progress made, the leadership challenges and successes of the journey to become an exceptional leader.

Leadership coaching is charged at an hourly rate. Firestation offers discounts based on a minimum 20 hour coaching commitment.

Leadership Circles

Our leadership circles are group business coaching sessions held monthly to improve leadership skills. The groups can be formed by the business owners and management team or you can join Leadership Circles that are from a range of businesses and industries.

They follow the same format as our Inner Circle, but focus on business topics dedicated to building leadership capability and improving organisational culture.

The two hour session includes a 30 minute business capability module on leadership plus a facilitated discussion sharing leadership challenges and successes with the group.

Circle members are held accountable for their leadership goals and development by their peers.

Cost is based on a per person fee, with discounts for multiple attendees from the same organisation.

EQ Leadership Survey

To improve your leadership skills it is crucial to understand what type of leader you are. This needs to be determined by the people you are leading.

Firestation has developed EQ Leadership Survey. This explores your leadership capability across the five core elements of Emotional Intelligence; Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Social Awareness, Social Skills, Self-Motivation.

It builds an understanding of your primary leadership styles and your level of mastery. Whether that be those styles that create resonance such as Visionary, Coaching, Affiliative, Democratic – or those that create dissonance – Pacesetting and Authoritative.

The 360 degree surveys enable you to become aware of how you are perceived as a leader by others and compare this to how you perceive yourself.

This provides crucial information and insight that enables you to them strengthen the leadership effectiveness of yourself and your management team.

From the information from the 360 degree feedback we work with you to develop a leadership development plan to improve your leadership skills.

Costs for the survey are calculated on the number of respondents and includes a two hour session to debrief the survey results and build a leadership development plan.