What we do

Business Coaching provides accountability and fresh ideas

“At the Firestation we believe you cannot grow your business without growing yourself.”

Our coaching encourages you to think and grow.  We spend the time to ask questions and really listen to where your business is at.  Then we initiate discussions to facilitate problem solving and strategic thinking.

Our clients range from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies.

Ultimately, we work with business owners to help them realise aspirations and achieve goals.  Whether it is to grow the business, work less in the business or help overcome a specific problem or challenge we have a range of coaching and training services to suit.

We understand the challenges of owning and running a company.  From plumbers to podiatrists, professional services to manufacturing and everything in between, we offer flexible coaching arrangements to suit your time availability and budget.

Our sessions follow the Firestation Coaching format using a strategic planning framework as a basis to establish a clear vision, purpose and goals for the business as well as a time frame to accomplish them.

From here we work with you to develop the strategies and actions necessary to achieve those goals.

For practical advice that will make a real impact on your business, get a Firestation coach today – click here, email us or call 027 271 1517.

Coaching options

We have a range of individual and group professional coaching sessions to suit your needs and budget.

The majority of our clients use a mix of one-on-one coaching and our Inner Circle group coaching and capability building sessions.

One-on-one coaching

With individual business coaching we can help you establish and clarify a clear vision, purpose and goals for the business as well as timeframe for accomplishment.

We can work with you in individual sessions on:

  • Strategic Planning and Coaching – designed to build a growth or strategic plan for your business along with professional coaching on significant opportunities and challenges. You are held accountable for your 30/60/90 day actions.  Typically two hour sessions held every 2-12 weeks depending on budget and availability.
  • Leadership Ignition – strengthen your leadership with Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Two hour sessions held monthly with business owner and/or key management staff. Includes an online 360 degree leadership survey.
  • Governance – consultation and implementation of the right governance structure and format for your business. Often goes along with equity divestment and succession planning with key staff.

Individual coaching is charged at an hourly rate. Firestation offers discounted rates for clients who commit to a minimum of 20 hours of coaching.

Our individual coaching sessions align with the format and content of the our group Inner Circle forums.

Group Coaching

Come together to learn, collaborate and grow

Firestation group business coaching, called ‘Circles’, are forums for business owners and professionals to improve, excel and support each other. They develops and foster a growth mindset and diversity in problem solving.

The two hour session includes a 30 minute training module to extend your skills and thinking across key areas of business such as sales, marketing, operations, finance and leadership. It is also a platform to share your successes and challenges and commit to actions to progress your business or solve a problem.

Goal setting to be a recurring theme with each session opening with actions and achievements from the prior month. Each session finishes with a commitment to 30/60/90 day actions aligned to longer term goals.

You will build relationships, develop a support network and make connections with other likeminded people from a range of industries and backgrounds. This will help by:

  • Extend your skills and thinking across key areas of business including sales, marketing, operations, finance and leadership.
  • Share your successes and challenges and commit to actions to progress your business or solve a problem.
  • Set and achieve short, medium and long-term goals. Each sessions finishes with a commitment to 30/60/90 day actions aligned to longer term goals.

We limit each Circle to a maximum of six members to ensure everyone has dedicated time to talk through challenges, successes and actions.

Cost is $299+GST per monthly session. If you miss an Inner Circle, you won’t be charged.

Firestation offers group coaching sessions across the Bay of Plenty in Rotorua, Tauranga or Taupo. To register your interest click here, email grow@thefirestation.nz or call 027 271 1517.

We have a variety of groups to suit your needs:

  • Inner Circle – groups of six business owners meeting monthly to discuss their strategic goals, challenges and opportunities. Includes delivery of business training on a wide variety of topics. Business owners are held accountable for their actions by their peers.
  • Leadership Circle – same format as Inner Circle with business topics dedicated to building leadership capability and improving organisational culture. We have groups consisting solely of business owners or management staff from the same or different businesses. There is an option for a 360 degree leadership survey.
  • Sales Ignition – series of three workshops for the business owner, sales leaders and senior sales staff over 12 months. Embeds a sales culture in the business instilling sales disciplines and behaviours to ignite sales growth. The workshops can be tailored to suit and run independently.
  • Team Ignition – facilitation of on/off site team days with senior management or all staff. Can be used for building culture, developing vision and core values, enhancing understanding of strategic objectives, fostering a customer service mindset, etc.