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Business Advice LineBusiness Advice Line | Free support for South Waikato businesses, start-ups & non-profits

Free, expert advice to assist with a business challenge or opportunity for businesess, start-ups, non-profits and residents in the South Waikato District Council boundary.register business helplineOwning a business or managing a non-profit can be stressful and uncertain at the best of times. Throw in a global pandemic in the mix and this uncertainty is experienced ten-fold.

The Business Line provides FREE advice and support to South Waikato businesses, start-ups & non-profits. It is designed to deal with a specific critical issue such as poor lead generation, high staff turnover, ineffective digital presence or dealing with burnout.
There are no barriers to use this service. The only criteria is that you or your business must be in the South Waikato district. Simply register using the form below and we will be in contact on how to book in your session with an experienced business or marketing coach.
What do you get?
You will have 45 mins Zoom or phone call with a professional business coach or marketing expert to talk about your issue.
Who do you talk with?
We have a range of experienced coaches with diverse backgrounds and skills, and have worked with more than 400 organisations. 
What sort of issues can you talk about?
Anything that is presenting as an issue, challenge or impeding your business or charity to grow or succeed. It could also be a significant opportunity to grow your organisation. Topics that could be discussed include:
  • Improving sales
  • Digital marketing
  • Leadership & Culture
  • Raising finance
  • Understanding my numbers
  • Business Planning
  • Improving profitability
  • Growing revenue
  • Creating new products and services
  • Governance
  • Want to start a business or non-profit
  • General business support & advice
  • Overcoming burnout and stress.
If for any reason we are not best placed to help you, we will refer you to one of our partners for the advice and support you need.
How do I access the help line?
Simply click on the register button below, fill in the details and we will contact you to book in your 45 min session. We are taking pre-registrations with the Business Advice Line taking bookings from 11th January 2021.
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